our cause

Over the last two and a half years we have given away over $35,000 in funds raised through 50/50, booth space and co-hosting opportunities. This is amazing since we are not a due based organization, we do not charge to attend these great events, and others who have seen the vision and mission and been so generous to us.

Help us help others


WIN offers to you: A free event, no membership dues, all we ask is that you "be a friend and invite a friend." A place where WINner's (regular attendees) warmly introduce you to others telling them of your business and helping you feel at ease. A chance to experience ROR, (return on relationship) by helping you and others realize the benefits to helping others first.


We promote you! We can promote your company or product through our monthly events. When you fund our mission as a sponsor, we promote your business by putting your logo and company information on our FB, Website, e-News Letter. You also get to co-host on the microphone with us that evening! This promotes your company and it's upper-level management to our sphere of influence. Learn how your business can become a sponsor. <Link to Sponsorship page> 


Charity: Through WIN's deep sense of charity we have been fortunate to give back to the community over $35,000 since our inception. This money went to the intrinsic need of children's and veteran's health issues that are indicative to this area. We accomplish this through our monthly and annual sponsorships as well as our optional monthly 50/50 raffles.