our mission

Networking Mission

It is the mission of Warm Introduction Networking, to create a new way of networking; primarily focusing on morality, accountability and charity.  


Our vision is to introduce everyone with excitement and without prejudice or motive;  giving all who attend an equal opportunity for exposure to those living, working and supporting our community. Develop a mechanism to expand the total networking experience and enhance the community by helping others to build new relationships; utilizing our charitable status to help children and veterans within our mission. 


“Changing lives by building relationships” 

Charitable Mission

Warm Introduction Networking is founded by a veteran, with help from local supporters. We focus on local Veterans health care issues and local Children’s needs to help enable them to survive and grow. 


  • Create a free event so new people, businesses and groups may attend.
  • Provide a networking event where everyone is warm, welcoming and ready to help one another.
  • Promote other businesses before our own business thus securely and unequivocally solidifying who we are by our actions and love toward others and not self-proclaimed status.
  • Help local Veteran’s and Children through our monthly and yearly charitable donations. 


  • Expand our net attendance by 5% annually.
  • Ensure everyone meets at least one new person at each event.
  • Increase the upper level management mix and corporate sponsorship while maintaining existing involvement.
  • Raise funds for local health initiatives. 



Access to health care has been a recurring issue in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). The Office of Inspector General (OIG), U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and other organizations have issued numerous reports regarding issues with access to VA care such as veteran wait times, scheduling practices, consult management, and the Veterans Choice Program (Choice). Since the nationwide scandal on patient wait times in 2014, the OIG has continued to identify problems veteran access to health care. Since August 2015, OIG reviews at six VA medical facilities—Colorado Springs, Houston, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, St. Louis, and Tampa— showed that VHA continues to experience significant issues with the reliability of veteran wait times, scheduling practices, consult management, and access to Choice.

In February 2017, Community Blueprint of Southwest Florida worked with representatives in VISN 8: VA Sunshine Healthcare Network based in St. Petersburg, Florida to explore the issues that are affecting veterans in Southwest Florida. Through a series of meetings with VISN 8 representatives, it was reported that they were also experiencing delays in access to specialty healthcare for a variety of reasons. The majority of their timely appointment challenges were in the following areas:

• Gastrointestinal

• Oncology - Radiology

• Oncology – Medical/Surgical

• Infectious Disease

• Home Infusion

• Dental – Maxo-Facial

• Dental – Oral Surgery

• Neurology

• Cardiac Rehabilitation

• Pain Management

• Obstetrics

In general, the delays in care were attributable to many of the same issues that cause healthcare delays in nongovernmental healthcare. Challenges such as fluctuating service demands, shortages in adequate staffing and transfers within the VA care system all contribute to delays.

To begin the process of identifying solutions to this issue in Southwest Florida, Warm Introduction Networking has agreed to adopt military veteran healthcare as one of it’s sponsoring initiatives. A preliminary concept of partnering with a local healthcare organization that can assist in delivering care as part of the Veteran Choice Program is a likely good start.


• The Veterans Choice Program provides eligible Veterans the option to receive non-VA healthcare from approved providers in their communities.

• Warm Introduction Networking representatives would work with a partnering agency would agree to provide a defined restricted fund for the reimbursement of any co-pay or deductible associated with Veteran’s seeking care for specialty healthcare services.