Warm Introduction Networking (WIN) was started for a sole reason: To change the way business networking is done. Upon starting his own business and with limited marketing budget, our founder attended a few pay to attend business networking events and left with a feeling that it was a waste of time and money. The events were not moderated, people seemed adverse to new attendees and unwilling to talk to them. The events did not give you a warm feeling of belonging and had no one designated to introduce you around. Return on investment seemed to be the only motivator of most who attended.



WIN was started with the intent of helping others before ourselves. The second component was building the community while providing a free and safe place for local professionals and their businesses to be exposed to others in the area.


As a direct result of this willingness to build the community, WIN is a networking group that has grown expediently. Now providing two monthly events for the past three years and also hosting the yearly "Largest Networking Event in SWFL", dubbed so by the Naples Daily News.


WIN warmly welcomes: All without prejudice or motive;  giving all who attend an equal opportunity for exposure to those living, working and supporting our community all while striving to show morality, accountability and charity to the community so that others will endevour to do the same.


our committee

Shane Bailey

Shane Bailey

Founder of WIN

words from our Founder

Networking Works - After 3+ years of attending and hosting events, I can tell you for sure, that "Networking Works". I started out in the local networking arena just trying to 'be known'. Unlike other areas of the country, there seems to be only one way to consistently do business in guessed it, Networking. 

WIN has hosted the Bonita Springs Chambers of Commerce as well as mingled with C-Suite sponsors of our events. Some of our attendees have even have been exposed to Multi-Billion dollar opportunities.  Yes indeed...Networking Works!

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Al Wagner

Al Wagner

Owner of TruPayroll and CFO To GO

Finance chair and volunteer coordinator

Oversee WIN accounting and input on corporate donations, work closely with Fundraising Chair. 

Manage volunteers at monthly events. Correspond with them to ensure attendance at events. Manage registration table. 

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Dave Zammit

Dave Zammit


finance chair

Oversee WIN accounting and input on corporate donations, work closely with Fundraising Chair. 

Sonny and Angie Gartin

Sonny and Angie Gartin

Badgers Business Solutions, Merchant Services

Marketing coordinator

Create a team that will oversee Facebook, Website, Email Marketing, Print Materials, Media Sources, and all other aspects related to marketing WIN.


Marketing Committee

Marius Ion Naples Digital Marketing

Marius Ion
Naples Digital Marketing

Naples Digital Marketing Expert
Erin Burdette MSW Interactive Designs

Erin Burdette
MSW Interactive Designs

Mary Anne Cipressy What's Up SWFL

Mary Anne Cipressy
What's Up SWFL

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Brian Solt

Brian Solt

Realtor and Regional Director of Master Networks

Coordinates themes to go along with events

Come up with themes to go along with monthly and annual events. Monitor calendar to see what monthly events coincide with or conflict with WIN monthly events and what, if anything should/could do to work within that event. 

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Rob Photographer

Rob Briceno

Roberto Photography


Responsible for taking photos at monthly and annual events. Must attend the events or have a substitute.